12 weeks

to change your life



The ͚Vita Mutari͛ program is a specific customized keto protocol program that allows for accountability, consistent results and following a ketogenic and fitness regime for your goals! 90 day commitment to a better you! ($879/value)

✔️ Monthly Fitness Assessments: Initial fitness assessment (remote) & breakdown of program, adjustments and reassessment every 3-4 weeks
✔️ Customized 12 week Online Fitness Training program: Calibrated specifically for your body type, goals, and adjusted for progress, this training program comprises 4-5 days of workouts per week that are varied and cater to your availability and level of training – maximized cycles every 3-4 weeks to achieve goals and create lasting habits
✔️ 12 Week Keto Nutrition Protocol (Weekly Meal Plans): Combining recipes with macronutrients, a thorough meal plan day-by-day plus the KETO//OS products (optional) to achieve maximal results with macronutrient tracking and guidelines catered to your needs
✔️ Goddess Gains App – Track workouts, communicate 24/7 with trainer, log progress (measurements, weight, BMI, progression)


I absolutely loved the app provided making it so easy to follow the workouts. Having the short videos available to show you how to do the specific exercise was very helpful as well.


My workout plan being catered specifically to me was wonderful, because I used to just walk in & have no real plan. This made my workout way more time efficient.

- Jessica

Jessica Short, Client

My 12 week training experience was great.

I highly recommend Gen, she truly invested time in me & any tweaks I wanted made to my workout she did it. She definitely puts her heart into her work you are not just another client to her & that is hard to find out of a trainer.


6 months in & so close to 40lbs lost, more energy than ever before, better sleep, focus like I never knew was possible, confidence & fierce passion to do more in life to better myself in all aspects; that said I don't think I could have done it without Gen's coaching program. Just so much to learn in the beginning that having her by my side, feeding me with information I didn't know to ask, really helped! There are so many resources & meal ideas but nothing that comes close to a coach! -

- Christina