Keto Better Life & Goddess Gains is on a mission to inspire individuals to unlock the dormant potential within themselves through empowerment and cultivating a healthy mind first. With customized fitness programs geared towards specific genders, balanced nutrition plans derived from individual lifestyles, and continual knowledge sharing of the essentials that will help you achieve your goals – the community can collectively awaken their inner gods & goddesses and form lasting habits leading to a better quality of life! 



It begins from within…


The journey to a healthier, more vibrant, dedicated and conscious you begins not with the body, but in the mind and spirit. The trifecta of body, mind and spirit work congruously in all aspects of our lives leading to enriching experiences on one end of the spectrum, and negative self-talk and sabotage on the other. 

Beyond the physical improvements, our mission is to develop and strengthen ones worth, perception of beauty and health, and create lasting habits that lead to autonomy and uncovering your own intrinsic motivation. 

So, why are you here?


Perhaps you are a mother looking to gain control of eating patterns, a single man looking to tone up, a wanderer who has tried every passing fad promising results and never getting anywhere, or maybe just need that leg up to uncover how incredible you really are. Whatever your motivation, you've come to the right place.  


I ask a few things of you as we move along this journey together:

As we get to know one another, there will be moments where I need to ask personal questions to better uncover the right course of action, times when you deviate from the plan unexpectedly, and times when you feel frustrated and want to quit. Always be honest with your feelings, your answers and your body. Tell me when you were less than perfect on your meal plan, tell me when your body is sore, and I promise the same to you. 


One of the hardest things anyone (especially women) can do is relinquish control. Yes, this is your journey and you alone have the power to determine the outcome but the tools and resources that I provide to you are designed to get you to your goals. When you have a bad week, or when the results are not coming as fast as you like, trust the process. It's as much about each phase as it is about the end goal so embrace the bumps and know that you will overcome. 


 Ask Questions

Speak up! Raise that metaphorical hand as often as you need and educate yourself on your health quest. I am happy to arm you with the knowledge to eventually step away from my guidance and do this on your own. So puff out your chest, clear your throat and ask away! Nothing is off limits. 


Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is not only between coach and client, but also respect for yourself. It is important to know that every minute I spend working on your program is dedicated to your outcomes and not respecting time is not fair for either of us. At the same time, give yourself respect. Body shaming, saying "I can't" and continuing a perpetual style of feeling like a let down will never get you into the right mind space for lasting results. 


Patience and trust go hand in hand. Let's be realistic and manage expectations from day 1 to prevent the two week hump where many fall off when they aren't seeing immediate results. Have patience with your program, with yourself and your progress, and your coach. Some days you may not be thrilled with what is asked of you, but the respect we have for one another will supersede and the trust you have in the journey will get you to the next level.