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Each of the menu items are prepared with care in a certified kitchen and with your lifestyle needs in mind.


The meals will be prepared FRESH for front door delivery every Monday /Tuesday.


As we are still growing, we ask that you please return any plastic containers with your next delivery (you can leave them outside your door or hand off). In due time, we will grow to accommodate convenient packaging. Thank you for your support.


If you have any preferences or quantities that are not listed, please indicate in notes while ordering.

prepared meals for the keto-conscious lifestyle


STEP 1: Select your meal plan option – 6 or 12 meals (2 or 4 portions of 3 recipes)

STEP 2: A set keto menu is provided each Thursday for your review (or check this site). It will contain 3 set meal options with macronutrient breakdown and ingredients, plus an optional meal that can replace one of the selections if necessary.

STEP 3: Prepayment in bi-weekly increments must be made by Friday 12pm EST via PayPal or E-transfer directly to gen@goddessgains.com to ensure your order will be made and delivered the following Tuesday

STEP 4: I will email you to confirm your order and provide you with a timeframe for delivery.

STEP 5: ENJOY & tell your friends!

Order & Delivery

(1) 6 meals per week (2 portions x 3 recipes)

 $90 taxes in

(2) 12 meals per week (4 portions x 3 recipes)

 $160 taxes in 


Delivery to Kanata/Stittsville

$5.00 (no tax)

Delivery Elsewhere in Ottawa $10.00 (no tax)


**Initial container fee (your own reusable container set) = $20.00**

Special Intro Offer


2 weeks intro @ 6 meals/week (12 total) plus container set & bonus FREE DELIVERY



Reg w delivery and containers: $214, save $35



2 weeks intro @ 12 meals/week (24 total) plus container set & bonus FREE DELIVERY



Reg w delivery and containers: $355, save $55

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