Stop Overcomplicating Your Keto Diet

The concept seems easy enough, right? If you reduce your carbohydrates low enough and increase your healthy fat sources, you will allow for fats to become your primary energy source versus glucose – thus achieving a state of ketosis!

But when it comes to implementation of this TRENDY (but not new) lifestyle, why are so many people failing or finding it next to impossible?

Friends, stop overcomplicating it!

I'm here, as a coach and also an active ketonian for over 3.5 years, to say that you do not need all the fancy schmancy ingredients, joined 17 forums and become an overnight expert.

I'm here to tell you that if you start with a MINDSET shift, a few handy tricks and focus on the goal of shifting to fat burning - you can do this! Furthermore, there are biohacking tools that will allow you to be more compliant, to feel satisfied and less hungry and to thrive in this metabolic change.

So, before you tell me that never eating bread again is impossible or that you love sugar too much, let's start with reviewing my TOP 5 keto startup guide to not giving up!

SUCCESS HACK #1: Stocking Up on Staples & Simplifying Your Menu!

Before you grab the xantham gum and cacao butter (both great items, but not necessarily considered keto STAPLES), let's focus on simply REPLACING your regular kitchen everyday use items with keto alternatives.

Here is my list that will get you through majority of start-ups:

Keto Staples Chart

Others that I love, but optional at onset:

  • Natural nut butter: quick, easy, fat and protein fueled option to pair with celery, keto bread/buns, in smoothies or by the tablespoon

  • Cacao butter: alternative to dairy, rich white chocolate taste, perfect to emulsify in tea/coffee or baking

  • Coconut flakes: fat source, great in trail mix with nuts/seeds, pair with food colouring for keto sprinkles

  • Bone broth: increase collagen intake, amino acids that are not present in muscle of meat, natural electrolyte booster

  • Sparkling water, such as La Croix: shake up your water intake with natural sparkling water, with many flavours to satisfy your cravings (I love Peach-Pear and Passionfruit)

  • Variety of herbs and spices: kick up all your dishes with herbs, spices in moderation

  • Low carb/low glycemic fruit (in moderation): seasonal berries, tomatoes

  • Psyllium husk and/or xantham gum: used as a thickening agent for soups, gravies, bread, and even smoothies (check recipe for which is best option)

  • Shirataki or konjac noodles: replace your pasta with these high fibre, virtually zero carb alternatives that are so easy to use you simply rinse and combine with sauce/meat!

Now that you have your go-to items, it’s time to build out a SIMPLIFIED menu by narrowing down your option per week. Use this sheet as a handy guide to work with limited ingredients but make multiple recipes in bulk to achieve your macros, keep costs down and not be overwhelmed.

SUCCESS HACK #2 Macro Calculator & Tracking!

After cleaning out the kitchen, restocking on items for your first few weeks, it’s important to know your proper caloric intake AND macronutrient profile for your body.

Let’s preface this by saying that EVERY single person will have different needs, different goals and thus, different requirements at the end of the day. Over time, you will see how your body feels, your tolerance to carbohydrates and fat intake, and find the optimal levels with some adjustment.

That being said – let’s begin by using a helpful online tool that can give you an estimate (it’s not perfect, but it will be more accurate than automatic tracking app calculations) of your macronutrient profile based on height, age, weight, activity level, and goals.

My favourite can be found at Ruled.Me >>>CHECK IT OUT<<<

Once you have your baseline, it’s time to download a free tracking app. Carb Manager is by far my favourite, as it auto calculates your NET carbs and is more low-carb friendly. The alternative and still a great resource is MyFitness Pal.

I have put together a YouTube video walking you through how to set it up, check it out here.


Learning the composition of your food, keeping your carbohydrates low with high fibre and finding means to boost your fat content are all very important – especially at the beginning – to ensure you are achieving not only ketosis, but FAT ADAPTATION.

Your body will take 4-6 weeks of strict adherence to your macros in order to make the metabolic switch to allow your body to PREFER ketones versus glucose. This is greatly important to allow your body to optimize the process, down to the cellular level, and bounce back more quickly if you do deviate or have an incident that bumps you out of ketosis.

This list will help you understand more benefits of tracking.

SUCCESS HACK #3: Pin-It & Get Resourceful!

Get resourceful, my keto-lovers…and have FUN with it!

You do not need to purchase a slew of recipe books, but that being said, having a few favourite ketogenic recipe books that also provide learning tools and education can be a tangible resource to flip to when you are stuck on what to make.

If you have made your simplified ingredient list, now it’s time to either concoct or find recipes that incorporate those ingredients. The best place to do so is the photo-based app, Pinterest. Despite my experience with the lifestyle, I still use Pinterest DAILY as inspiration and pin my favourite meals, desserts, snacks, hacks, tools and more.

Want to see some of my keto inspired boards? Check them out!

Use this sheet to explore recipes for your week to week, write out where you found them (website, book, Pinterest board) and make notes on resources you’d like to try to amplify and expand your keto journey.

SUCCESS HACK #4: Supplement & Biohack!

Do you have uncontrollable sugar cravings? Are you prone to binge and restrict tendencies, or perhaps you’ve “dieted” your whole life? Do you have trouble sleeping, muscle cramps, bowel movement irregularities or headaches?

All of these can be signs that prior to jumping into the ketogenic lifestyle, you should arm yourself with added tools to mitigate these symptoms and habits, or stop them altogether.

I am a firm believer that you can get many of your micronutrients from whole food sources, but sometimes it’s important to recognize when you need to go a step further. Especially if it means more support to your overall body, brain and muscle function to achieve lasting results.

So, where do you begin?

Lucky for you – you can take out the legwork in doing the research and dive into a YouTube video I made of my top keto supplements and biohacking tools to help you stay compliant and balanced.

Remember that each person will vary on their needs, and you may find you require more/less than discussed, but it’s a great resource to get you started.


If you want to take it a step further and do a little more deep diving into exogenous ketones and their applications, then you’ll definitely want to check this out. Get informed – help to balance your body and make a plan that works for you!

To Order or Learn More about Pruvit products, visit

SUCCESS HACK #5: Know Your Why & Accountability!

Do you know the difference between a DREAM and a GOAL? It’s as simple as planning action steps and milestones to get there.

We know you WANT to succeed, but what is your underlying reason.

Truly take time to focus less on the arbitrary answer and more about what the outcome would mean for you.

You want to lose weight. AWESOME! Is it simply so the number goes down OR is your motivation that you will have more vitality to play with your children, maintain a better body image, regain energy and performance? Whatever your why – identifying it and then marking it down for you to see visibly as a daily reminder (perhaps on the fridge) will be the catalyst to keep you going.

Check out this FIND YOUR WHY guide and see what resonates with you.

And…let’s not forget the most critical component (and often overlooked) to round out this list:


I’m going to be frank with you, you CAN do this alone, but it is proven that people are more likely to adhere to their goals, to follow a regiment through IF surrounded by a positive COMMUNITY of like-minded individuals.


You do not only want to just do this lifestyle, you want to feel empowered by it, to enjoy the process and to be educated.

My philosophy is EAT. EDUCATE. EMPOWER.

Through my ketogenic lifestyle coaching business and programs, I let those three simple words be guiding principles to thrive.

  • We EAT to fuel and heal our bodies, and to achieve the metabolic shift into ketosis.

  • We EDUCATE to go beyond the status quo and figure out what’s best for OUR body, journey, to find balance and understanding.

  • We EMPOWER to gain awareness and confidence that what we are doing in steps 1 and 2 are going to positively impact our future, and our way of living.

Whether it be through a friend on the same path as you, your Instagram feed, or a keto coach - sharing your goals and your journey (flaws and all) will allow you to be more accountable to your actions.

I’d love to help you on this quest for better. As you took the time and investment to read this post, I’m giving back to you.

My Signature FULLY CUSTOM Keto Kickstart program embodies eat, educate and empower with 4 weeks of personalized meal plans, recipes, macronutrient profile, bonus eguides, one-on-one discussions for your protocol and more.

For a limited time, get this program at $50 off.

That’s $50 more that you can spend on your keto staples, and feel 100% dedicated towards kickstarting your ketosis the RIGHT way.

To take advantage of this offer, GET IT HERE – until July 28th!

At the end of the day, this is the first of many steps that you will take on this lifelong journey called health. There are many ways to get to your outcome, but starting with only 5 top hacks can make it much less daunting!

There you have it – I hope you have enjoyed my take on how to ‘Stop Overcomplicating Your Keto Diet’.

I would love YOUR support.

You can follow me at the links below, like this post and subscribe to YouTube for ongoing tips to help you along the way!

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