#MyKetoPregnancy - Weeks 14-17 Round Up!

Holy cow, it’s been a month and you all are probably like – HELLO, are you still updating the blog?

Well, clearly if you are here – you know the answer is YES!

Things got slightly derailed when we left for Phoenix at the tail end of week 14. Full intentions to post up once back, and then I caught the COLD of ALL COLDS (no joke, it was a doozy) and one week became two, which now we are three deep.

But there is NO better time than the present to catch up on all the magic of pregnancy and progress since my last check in because one month changes A LOT! I got a bit lax on my tracking, but I’m finding it less stressful as I move away from adherence to acceptance, meaning more self-love and tuning into my needs vs. rigid tracking.

From my belly growth to the second trimester shift, food, events, workouts, and more – stay tuned for a jam packed post to get you up to date before I head into (gasp) week 18!


I left you at the Superbowl devouring all the yummy Instant Pot eats, and teased a bit about the BEETs heart BEATING!

That’s where we will cap this off, on February 4th – with the help of our newly acquired at-home fetal Doppler – we heard the baby’s heartbeat in bed first thing in the morning. It topped at about 150bpm and it was a moment where I truly felt connected unlike I had in the past. Without much of a bump (other than from all the food I was consuming), this moment solidified our little bundle of joy that much more.

I kicked off my 5 Day Keto Fix program for another 15 eager participants to learn about how to harness ketones through nutrition, through KETO//OS and by implementing more of a regiment of movement and quality sleep. Day 1 and the testimonials were already pouring in. Looking back at my Facebook feed, I must have made about 6 posts between Monday & Tuesday, clearly in a good mood and enjoying the connections.

I managed to get in 40 minute workout consisting of a run and a lift session, obliterating 252 calories. Solid effort, and enjoyed a hearty day of leftovers from Superbowl, gut-enriching beet and ginger slaw with breakfast, a lighter salad in between meals and drumstick plus fat bomb kicker at the end of the night.

Tuesday (which seems to be a common trend as it goes for days of the week) was filled to the brim with business activity that I needed to take some DT and rest the body as inflammation and ache from the workout told me to slow down.

A mélange of olives, avocado, seared steak strips, tomatoes, cabbage, sauerkraut and sesame oil was the highlight in terms of food for the evening, and cuddles with our older pup, Cali (Bears) was the overall winning moment. Yes, I’m a simple girl. Give me connection with a dog and I’m content.

Wednesday – we launched our week 14 officially and this little nugget turned into a BEET. Then, I felt slightly cannibalistic as I had been shamelessly devouring BEETS for the week prior. The motherly instincts made me question my cravings, but alas, it was better than an ice cream craving (I still get those, who am I kidding?)

I had an overwhelming experience today when a package arrived at my front door from Pruvit.

Anticipating ketones of some sort, I was pleasantly surprised and quite speechless when I uncovered it was a care package from our CEO, Brian Underwood, with multiple items from a harmony necklace the baby can hear to a Lavish massage bar for my skin and notes to leave the baby as it develops. The care and thought that went into these items is what floors me everytime I remember how embracing and compassionate the Pruvit community truly is.

Traditional breakfast, lettuce egg wraps for lunch, cheesy fried steak, a raspberry crumble and the Salted caramel broth turned into a whipped dessert – food was on point!

Okay – BIG accomplishment on Thursday this week. I put on makeup before 9am. Sounds silly, but small feats like this make me smile. And why would I do such a thing?

I had a breakfast date with my lovely friends at Broadways. Ah, I cheated. But it was GLORIOUS. Homefries…I never used to crave these babies but I could smell them wafting from the kitchen and knew they were mine.

Following this, I spent some self care time food shopping (because that’s why I enjoy the most), one-piece bathing suit shopping for the impending Phoenix trip.

Enjoyed my favourite keto focaccia bread with Superfood nut & seed butter and did another outfit change (GASP) to attend one of the best dinners I’ve had in a while for my gf’s birthday, a restaurant downtown called CITIZEN.

I was able to stay fairly keto – crispy Brussel sprouts with a crème sauce, pork belly and a decaf latte. I will let the pictures speak do it justice.