#MyKetoPregnancy - WEEK 12 // A Week of Firsts – Food, Fitness & Future Planning!

I am beyond thrilled to present that first official blog post that is a major recap of week 12 of pregnancy. I knew early on that documenting #MyKetoPregnancy was going to be a special way for me personally to remember and recall how I felt, the ups and downs, what I was eating, how I kept up with fitness and chronicle this journey. But moreover than that, it’s an opportunity to use this platform to really share and engage with others – especially mommas-to-be – who want to stay healthy, active, and informed about their own pregnancy and gain a little insight into my experiences.

In a completely selfish (not negatively, but rather For Self) way, it also allows me to be more accountable to my actions and inactions, the foods I consume and keeping self-care top of mind. It’s easy to grab something when a craving hits, it’s easy to avoid exercise when energy is low, and it’s especially easy to keep your head down and work multiple businesses and running a team without coming up for air…but I don’t want to do that!

So this is a complete and utter RAW account of my journey. You can agree or disagree with my choices, choose to follow all or none of it (though if you are here, you might be following some), and in the end it will simply be one women’s pregnancy tale over 20 odd weeks! At the very least, I ask you reserve public judgement or shaming for anything that I do share which you don’t agree on out of respect for my choices and lifestyle.

I decided to begin on a Monday. I’m traditional like that and instead of keeping track of it all as of week 12 day 1 (Wednesday, January 23rd), I began tracking diligently on Monday – week 11, day 5. Without further ado –

WEEK 11 – Day 5 // Mon, January 21st

The morning began like any other. I took out my planner (I use one from DailyGreatness that I adore), sat down with my morning brew of Kicking Horse coffee, took out my massive collection of stickers from Michael’s that allow me to fill my pages with productivity, pregnancy, fitness quotes, pictures and to do’s to make the experience of planning my day that much more enjoyable, and got at it.

I look outside my bright big office window and see a freshly fallen layer of fluffy snow, not unlike most days in Canada’s capital region, where we reside just on the outskirts of Ottawa in Dunrobin, Ontario. Our two rottweilers, Tex & Cali, have had their breakfast, and are outside sauntering in the frost without a care in the world and I’ve already seen off Fady to work with his Thermos of coffee and a kiss.

I sit in peace, barely any sounds other than me likely muttering around to myself (I’m an only child, this is a daily occurrence) and time for some self reflection.

I LOVE Mondays. Not just a little bit, a whole lot. I’ve been lucky, nah I’ve made CHOICES that have afforded me the chance to work from home and run my own businesses for the last few years. A lot of assumptions from people are that I can do and go as I please, but I work harder than ever at my profession to earn each dollar, new client, testimonial or accomplishment. It’s really taxing stuff knowing that if you don’t put in the work one day, you simply won’t have money to pay the bills. I don’t like to think of it that way though, because where my intention flows, prosperity grows and the law of attraction is real. When I was in medical sales – it was lucrative, but not nearly as rewarding.

This morning, I think about all of that and I drink my one cup of coffee that I allow myself to stay until my 200mg of caffeine per day. I miss more of them, but this will suffice and there is always a quality decaf!

I’m coming off a bit of a high because this past weekend, I hosted an event and a booth at a local gym facility, Greco Manotick. I was invited in to speak to members about the power of the ketogenic lifestyle but also KETO//OS products by the owner, Sean. Sean had his own experience working with me and using the products over the summer to phenomenal results, and his testimony paired with the respect he upholds for his facility paved the way for a fantastic and positive response from the members.

I brought with me one of my promoters, Arnold Vega (ARNEGAFIT), who has been using ketones for 8 months and whose life has been overhauled. He was able to relate to members, share his story, impacted others from a fitness perspective and a nice balance of male/female energy. Overall – it couldn’t have gone any better.

All that having been said and done, I look ahead to what needs to be worked on this week!

I recently began working with Carb Smart Express – a local provided of quality keto and paleo friendly foods and my good friends – to do their social media management. It’s a fun job for me because a) I’m promoting what I believe in wholeheartedly, b) marketing and graphics are my forte and I can use my creativity and c) by helping with exposure of this amazing service, more people can go keto easily! I penciled in the time I would take to do their posts and messenger work and next was pre-planning my workout.

Why do I pre-plan my workout?

Listen, even though Im a trainer, that doesn’t mean that there are days I am dragging my feet, not wanting to lift more than a plate of food to my mouth, and I am stagnant in my office working. HOWEVER – if I schedule, with my funky stickers, and allot time to exercise (I give myself 45mins-1hour) then I am MUCH more likely to commit. No one likes seeing unchecked boxes on their fancy planner, am I right?

What workouts am I currently doing?

I used to create all of my own workouts. I predominately lean towards strength training and conditioning as well as HIIT because it’s most effective at preserving my lean muscle, increasing my endurance and burning calories well after completion. I am NOT a fan of steady state cardio and it does nothing of tremendous value for ME personally (based on my FITNESS GENES, yes I got them checked).

My good friend introduced me to the unlimited Beachbody subscription AND I also adore using this guided app called Aaptiv. Both of those resources are handy in a pinch when you are not motivated on your own to follow through because it’s like a coach in your pocket!

The Aaptiv training has been a means for me for the last few years to push through my treadmill and trail running HIIT with stellar music paired with upbeat coaches to keep you going. They also have a pregnancy week-by-week guide so I thought – what a fun and SAFE way to keep up with my cardio and stay on top of it.

I’m working on this program in the Beachbody courses called LIIFT4. It’s 8 weeks, 4 times per week, with 3 days rest (1 plus weekend, or your variable of it). At this point, I was nearing the end of week 4 and today it was a Shoulders + HIIT interval session.

Plugged it into my planner and off I went…


  • Type: Shoulders & HIIT

  • Duration: 35 mins

  • Calories burned: 200

Perfect – short enough that it flew by and long enough that I felt it. Just what I needed plus SHOULDERS are my favourite muscle group to work. When I was my leanest, I would love seeing a particular vein and striation form on my anterior delts (yes, I’m an odd one).

In between working out and doing work on my laptop and phone, this girl needed to EAT. And eat, I do.

How many calories are you consuming?

Now into my second trimester, I aim for about 2000-2300 calories. I’m 5’10, active, and currently about 174lbs. That’s hard for me to say because just a few months ago I was 150lbs and had abs, but it’s all part of the process and I accept the weight gain as long as it’s healthy and controlled.

I’ve been monitoring my food more closely now that I’m doing my blog and I enjoy keeping track of it all. Keeps me more accountable to not deviating (although you will find a few times I caved – it’s normal!).

What are your macros?

I mentioned in the last blog post that I’m doing keto foods, but my ratios are a little different. I’m more LOW CARB versus keto and I usually hit about 65%+ fats, 25% protein and 7-10% carbs. My net carbs are between 30-50g per day, but I don’t eat any grains, starches, or non-approved foods for keto. I just have included more seasonal berries, a plethora of veggies and enjoy my nut butters. Again, I am following up with a holistic nutritionist who understands my desires and my needs.

Let’s look at my food – shall we?



  • FAT: 145g

  • PROTEIN: 119g

  • NET CARBS: 45g

Smoothie & Caffeine Smoothie & Caffeine

I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately, so it’s no surprise I started with one. Almond milk, vanilla extract, chunks of frozen avocado, organic greek yogurt, hemp hearts and vanilla protein powder was the perfect little boost I needed.

My coffee was infused with ghee & coconut oil, and a few drops of Stevia

Steak Wrap

For lunch, I used this pure coconut wrap that I bought at Natural Food Pantry, cooked up eye of round steak, a blend of arugula, Italian cheeses, topped with 14% sour cream and mushrooms. This was a very filling lunch option and absolutely delicious!

Creamy Dijon Chicken Breasts

I received this coupon code to try out a meal plan service called Good Food, and I was pleased to hear they had low carb options called Clean15. Since it was inexpensive and I love to dabble with food, we ordered a week’s worth of the meals. It comes in perfectly portioned ingredient packages and you make it on your own! The flavours and ease was well worth it, plus I was craving chicken so huge bonus on that!


I’m eating a lot more frequently now, which is odd for me before I was used to intermittent fasting and not eating for most of the day.

I find myself more hungry (to be expected) so I make small meals and snacks on the fly.

These included for today:

1) A slice of bacon + 2 oz avocado

2) Lemon Sour Cream Muffin (find the recipe here)

3) Nighttime smoothie: avocado chunks, almond butter, almond milk, unsweetened cocoa


I still enjoy my decaf versions of KETO//OS Max and Nat products. They offer me high level of energy and clarity to do all of the things.

I had a NAT SPLASH (citrus/watermelon) midday to fuel my through my evening.


· 2015 calories consumed

· 200 calories burned during workout

· 2855 calories total burned for the day

WEEK 11 – Day 6 // Tues, Jan 22nd

Today, I knew that I had to get my workout in early on as I had multiple spots to run around to deliver and pickup ketones, meet with a new client and get groceries.


Today was technically a ‘rest day’ but sometimes I like to do more of an active rest with cardio, yoga or stretching.

I popped on a treadmill interval workout from Aaptiv that was focused on week 11 (so it was safe for momma and baby).

  • Type: Treadmill HIIT

  • Duration: 27 minutes

  • Calories burned: 196

I hit the road just after 11:30am to go meet with a new keto coaching client for a program breakdown and consult, then grabbed a naked burrito bowl (sans beans or rice) from Burrito Gringo at the mall with the pulled beef and pulled pork (I’ll go over nutrition momentarily) and head to meet with a promoter selling me some ketones (because I depleted my whole inventory – wooo).

After that, I dropped off a few 5 day experiences all over the city and head back towards Dunrobin to stop to get groceries before settling back at the house.



  • FAT: 154g

  • PROTEIN: 125g

  • NET CARBS: 52g

BPC & Breaky

Start off with another bulletproof style coffee (I’m out of KETO//KREME at this point otherwise its my GO-TO everytime), then kale kimchi, bacon, avocado and eggs for a hearty start.

Burrito On The Fly

As mentioned, I got fast food in the form of a naked burrito bowl which consisted of sautéed veggies, sour cream, guacamole, cilantro, pulled beef and pulled pork, pico de gallo and Monterey jack cheese (YUM!)

Lemon Muffin

I had made a batch of those lemon muffins and brought one in case I didn’t have time for lunch but I managed to scarf it down during the drive later on.

The Big OOPS!

I have an addiction to peanut butter. No, actually. It used to be a major problem and it was a comfort and escapism food for me. So, I often do not carry it in the house but since I thought I was doing so very well, I opted to get some natural PB as a snack or for my smoothies.

HA! I took my celery sticks and I ate 6...yes, 6 tablespoons…as a snack. NAY – a meal!

My stomach was inflamed and distended – my joints hurt and well, I didn’t feel so great about myself. It was a learning lesson and I opted for a light dinner since my snack ate away at most of my caloric value.

Egg Wrap for Din Din

Kept it light with a scrambled egg, ghee, asparagus, coconut wrap and sour cream. It was all I needed and I ended the night feeling a little less bloated from a few hours beforehand!


· 2157 calories consumed

· 196 calories burned during workout

· 2773 calories total burned for the day

Week 12 – Day 1 // Wed, January 23rd

AHHHHHH – the reveal day! I had waited two months to finally be able to share the news with the world. Sure, our family and close friend had found out around Christmas, but it was time to bring this baby to full exposure!

I put together a heartwarming reveal video of the reactions from our family. I’m so glad I was able to capture it because it truly was unlike anything else to see them realize our big secret!

I posted the video bright and early on the morn of the Wednesday and spent the next 3 hours inundated with texts and well wishes. I was so grateful that I took the morning just to enjoy and have some self care – thinking ahead to our future and all the excitement to unfold.

That was also the first day that I let you in on my new blog and YouTube channel featuring #MyKetoPregnancy and that in itself was like a whole other reveal to be excited about. I took my first photo of the little bump to be and was thrilled to be able to share the growth – physical, emotional, and mental that I’d be proceeding to follow!

With all that excitement, I didn’t forget to eat or workout – so here it is:


  • Type: Chest Strength

  • Duration: 26 mins

  • Calories: 134

A little less intensive today, but I’m okay with that. I had a fulfilling work and self care day and I always feel my chest muscles a day later so I kept the focus on just knowing I did what I setout to achieve!



· FAT: 148g

· PROTEIN: 110g

· NET CARBS: 33g


I now had my hands on KETO//KREME Pumpkin Spice (legit my favourite flavor) so I infused my coffee with those healthy MCTs and collagen boost for my morning, followed by another smoothie of avocado, mixed frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, and almond milk

My Signature Salad & Snack

I make this epic salad for the last couple of years and today, I was craving it.

Sesame oil, avocado mayonnaise, monk fruit sweetener, hard boiled egg, avocado, bacon, broccoli and lettuce combined for a sweet but fat fueled afternoon meal.

I had a quick snack in the afternoon of one egg with sour cream and spinach.


We made another meal from Good Food, this time the Pork stir-fry with sweet peppers, cremini mushrooms and cauliflower rice. Made in under 20 minutes – perfect!

Sweet Tooth

I still have a little hankering for sweets here and there so I had a chocolate PB mug cake! 90 seconds and bam – the best.


· 2019 calories consumed

· 134 calories burned during workout

· 2756 calories total burned for the day

WEEK 12 – Day 1 // Thurs, Jan 24

Another day of excitement as I awoke to my podcast interview with Lianne Laing having been released to the public! This was a huge accomplishment for me to share my story, from childhood, through school, cancer, divorce and leading into my passion and purpose with ketogenic lifestyle and ketones.

I released my newsletter featuring all the events, podcast, new programs and first blog post at once and was thrilled to see a lot of positive feedback from all front.

My day ended up being rather sedentary, but I did get another workout in AND tried something new…


Type: Back/Biceps + CIZE dancing (hahaha)

Duration: 30 mins

Calories: 220

I love to dance instead of traditional cardio, and today I thought let’s do some hip hop with a guided video. I’m not the WORST at dancing, guys – but I’m a white girl. Yes, I’m stereotyping BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

When it came to food, today was also quiet bizarre. I had a hankering for mac n’ cheese so I created my own version of a #ketokoncoction.



· FAT: 165g

· PROTEIN: 114g

· NET CARBS: 41g


KETO//KREME Pumpkin Spice for the win AGAIN (duh) and 2 fried eggs with bacon (basic bitch).

Spaghetti Please

Fady came home for lunch so I made us delicious spaghetti with green onions, medium ground beef, low sugar pasta sauce, salsa, bell peppers, and all atop a bed of shirtaki noodles from NuPasta (my fav). It was a hit and VERY filling!

The Mac’N’ Cheese Explosion

Don’t ask questions, this was the mac n’ cheese in my keto mind.

Shirataki noodles, marble cheese, fried cabbage, nutritional yeast, mustard powder, garlic powder, scramble eggs (what?), sour cream and heavy cream. Yes, it was lacking in veggies and a ton of dairy but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!


My snacks were another smoothie, this time with KETO//OS SWISS CACAO, blackberries, coconut manna, and unsweetened cacao. A tiny salad with lemon garlic dressing and cucumber and what I like to call FLUFFER NUTTER (pb + heavy cream whipped up)


· 2207 calories consumed

· 220 calories burned during workout

· 2,282 calories total burned for the day (broke even)

WEEK 12 – Day 2 // Fri, Jan 25


Other than the reveal day, I’ve been waiting for this for about 5 weeks. Last ultrasound was on December 21st and while it was beautiful, the baby didn’t have much shape yet.

Full intentions to workout but as you will see, my weekend was a bit of a ‘break’ (it happens and Im okay with it!).

I had a WONDERFUL meeting with an older couple who wanted to improve internal health and fight their epigenetics. They were switching to keto after years on paleo, working out twice per week with strength training and wanted to start the ketones as well. It was lovely and they were marvelous to get to know.


I met with Fady, we went to the Women’s Ultrasound Clinic and saw – for the first time- our baby jump, do a handstand, throw up it’s arms and look, well, human! I giggled everytime it made a movement and my heart was so full for the both of them.

From there, we opted to get some lunch as a date out then so see the movie, Glass. It was nice to have some planned downtime together – we both work hard and long hours so this break was welcomed.



· FAT: 170g

· PROTEIN: 122g

· NET CARBS: 33g

I don’t like to do fasting with the baby, but this time it was unintentional. I snagged a KETO//KREME before I hit the road early and had my coffee and water until about noon!


Got home starving, had the easy and quick fix of asparagus in ghee, diced broccoli, and bacon before we headed off to our appointment

Lunch Date-

We went to Jack Astors for lunch and this girl wanted RED MEAT! I was craving it above all else so a burger was in order.

Funny enough – we both ordered IDENTICAL meals. Bunless bacon cheeseburger with a side garden salad and a side of mayo, please! Quite large and filling – equating to about 1000 calories on my day alone.

Movie Snack –

I don’t do popcorn although I miss it sometimes so instead I had a KETO//OS Raspberry Lemonade, Love Good Fat Bar in the theatre for a little chocolate kick!

Prep & Make

Meal 3 from the Clean15 order was Sirloin Beef Strips with Cauliflower Rice. Wow – nice spices and great textures. I was still enjoying having red meat so it was the perfect fix.

Rounding it out

We snuggled and watched The Punisher (by watched, I mean BINGED watched) for several episodes and I made a little final snack of raspberries and heavy cream (like ice cream). Perfection!


· 2257 calories consumed

· - calories burned during workout

· 2501 calories total burned for the day

WEEK 12 – Day 3 // Sat, Jan 26

Blog Post #2 was released featuring the first trimester recount. I ended up writing it at 10pm at night while Fady had the boys over. It’s funny watching other people drink while I’m sober. I was never a heavy drinker at all, but it’s almost comical.

Surprisingly for a Saturday, it was a jam packed day of work! Pruvit launched their INSANE BOGO sale clearing house of their KETO//OS MAX stock to make way for the NEW KETO//OS Nat formula to be introduced full time and that just meant that I want going to be speaking with many new customers and prospects about trying ketones for the first time!

It was one of the best business days that purpose-filled Saturdays that I had in a long time – with over 15 NEW people snagging these boxes and just as excited to try them as I was for them to experience BETTER!

The boys shot skeet (yes we do that, even in winter), made some nachos and I indulged in my version of KETO NACHOS as well!



· FAT: 125g

· PROTEIN: 98g

· NET CARBS: 39g


Yes, another smoothie! They are so easy, why the heck not?

This time is was Swiss Cacao KETO//OS Max, ice, almond milk, almond butter and hemp hearts.

A late Breakfast!

As you can tell, I rarely miss the chance for MORE breakfast foods! Today – it was Eggs, asparagus, bacon for a quick fix!

NACHO average meal

The boys were deadest on making REAL nachos but not for me! I got myself pork rinds and made EPIC nachos with steak bites, chicken bites, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa! It felt dirty, but it was clean and keto.

A little salad goes a long way

I made a basic garden salad with Litehouse Ranch Dressing and had a generous portion, and Fady made little steak cubes deep fried (no batter, just crispy) which I enjoyed on the side. I was really full from the nachos earlier so it was light!


Have you had Halo Top? No – k, get on it. Alright you ketonians who are about to jump down my throat. There ARE incidentally SOME sugars in this ice cream BUT for something pre-made and quick, it was LOW in sugar and HIGH in satisfaction with 5g net carbs per serving. I had only a portion of the tube and LOVED every second of it.


· 1771 calories consumed

· - calories burned during workout

· 2766 calories total burned for the day

WEEK 12 – Day 4 // Sun, Jan 27

Sunday! A day of rest – hahahaha

Today was a beautiful day – just spectacular. I’m not talking about the weather, I’m talking about the people with whom I spent it!

Started off with preparing for a BIG event that I was putting together to merge current promoters of Pruvit and invite prospects who wanted to learn about the BUSINESS to come out to mingle and snack.

Prior to that, I met up with my friend Chelsea and we got our nails done. Fady and I had just confirmed that we will indeed be travelling to Phoenix, Arizona in February to enjoy and celebrate for the EPIK event with Pruvit. This will be my third EPIK and it wraps up with a gala, 1920’s themed this year, so I had my nails done in a sleek black.

Then, migrated over to The Grounds Café in Stittsville to setup shop! I had three of my wonderful promoters join us to talk about our successes, discuss objections, learn from one another and set goals. Two women joined us to talk about the business and all-in-all, we ended up being there for a whopping 3 hours!

Came back home to finish the night off strong with signing up two new ladies to our team, continuing to promote the sale AND best of all, finish off the season of The Punisher with my love.



FAT: 140g



I Love Convenience!

Ok, sorry to bore you again with my repetitive smoothies but I LOVE THEM! This time, it was Salted Caramel BETTER//BROTH, raspberries, coconut milk and ice and OMG my new favourite emerged as a leader. Fady adored it as well.

Quick Bite

Knowing there was a big day ahead – I made a simple plate of fully cooked ham, egg, cheese and avocado before heading off to the big day.

The Grounds Café Surprise

I purchased a delicious and veggie packed salad with grilled chicken at the café and because I talked so much over the course of the event, I ate it literally for three hours. Paired with a decaf Americano, it was quite the perfect light meal.

And then, I was approached by the owner who introduced himself. Said that he can make ANY (and he had a lot) of his sandwiches into lettuce wraps! Who knew? He invited me back to host events anytime and I will CERTAINLY take advantage of that opportunity.

Better Finish It Off

I had dessert BEFORE dinner by enjoying the rest of the Halo Top ice cream while Fady prepped a scrumptious feast.

Fit for a Goddess

The dinner was our final meal from the Clean15 with Good Food and it was my favourite. Seared pork with salumera and pistachios on top! Was the right balance of protein, veggies and fat – plus spicy kick – to finish off the night.

Ok, not quite done

I told you I eat frequently now! I had a little more fluffer nutter on Sunday night, whipping nut butter and heavy cream for a fluffy final treat.


· 2091 calories consumed

· - calories burned during workout

· 2592 calories total burned for the day

And that does it folks!!! But, Gen – you are only at Week 12, day 4!

I’ve decided for continuity, I’m going to do a Monday to Sunday schedule of posts and be fluid with my release every Tuesday!

I do have to say that my Monday was active again, sliding back into the routine of workouts AND another dance cardio blast – plus itching a craving for Keto Shepherds Pie! But you will just have to wait for that one.


This was quite a long blog post but it felt great going through my week, recounting how well I stayed the course and all the emotions that came from our milestones. I’m thrilled to see what’s next and to keep you all up to date so that you can learn more about this journey!


As promised – the YouTube recaps will be up Wednesday each week (which coincides with my progress aka week 13, 14, 15 dates). If you love this, PLEASE subscribe to my channel for that and ALL the other content and learning!


I want to know what YOU want to know. Please comment on this post, message or email me at gen@goddessgains.com or let me know what you think would be great to hear about!

Thanks for tuning into #MyKetoPregnancy! Here’s to an eventful week 12.

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