#MyKetoPregnancy // Week 13 - A Spicy Shakeup!

#MyKetoPregnancy -- This is WEEK 13

I’m going to start the blog post off this week by expressing something that is critical to anyone success in health and generally in life…self-care comes first.

Now, I have to press that because this week was a combination of high stress, tons of workload, and feeling a little lacking in a self-care department but then balance off with appropriate downtime, fulfillment, and achievements. At the end of the week, I can say that it ended up being a bit of a rollercoaster, but all in all if we look at it in terms of a health perspective, I leveraged exercise to boost my mood and stay active, I use food mostly as a fuel source versus one of comfort (of course there’s some exceptions which I’ll explain), and I did what needed to be done trip my days while also enjoying my keto pregnancy.

So first things first, I changed up the format this week.

I like to be efficient and also have a chance to look at my blog from an outsider perspective to say – hey, is this easy or hard to follow along? I noticed that going day by day is GREAT in terms of a full recount, but that a nice little summary of my food, fitness and overall health could be even BETTER. And since I’m about optimizing in many aspects of my life, I’ve made a few little charts so that you can get a quick snapshot overall of Week 13 (and beyond)

I’m going to post them – along with the food choices and workout types RIGHT at the beginning so in case you are in a pinch for time – you can check them out!

Then, let’s delve into more of the day-by-day and answer any questions you’ve been asking or see the fun events going on!

WEEKLY RECAP // How I Feel, What I Did, Progression Notes!

Shifting away from a solid week of fulfillment in week 12 notes, I was anxious and excitement to a) get back into a solid workout regime, b) plan ahead for all these new events popping up like fireworks on Canada Day, and c) having Baby Baroud double in size this week!

Mondays for me are always stellar. I go into it with so much fervour and determination, and it rarely fizzles day one (that comes later haha). So – with that in mind, I got that trusty planner our again and all my stickers and made good use of my AM by plotting out my day and using my weekly project sheets to map out success in all areas of my career and personal life.

It was still tail end of the month, so Pruvit sales were going strong and the REBOOT around the corner. I love to be invigorated by the excitement of a new person trying ketones for the first time or a promoter just jumping out of their skin when they gain new insight or tools.

Crushed my workout, listened in on multiple huddle calls and Zooms and gave into my cravings for Keto Shepherds Pie (i.e. we went to Costco specifically so I could make it! Thanks babe).

Onto Tuesday – oof – remember my rant about self-care in the first paragraph…I should have heeded my own advice.

I literally wrote nothing down in my planner because the day went like so. Wrote my blog post (all 12 pages of it) over the course of MOST of the day. Was constantly plugged into my screen, my phone, all the white noise and blue light and my eyes would hurt and squint as I was firing off the last of my reach outs and content.

What did that lead to? Minimal movement or self care and the worst sleep to date, friends. Thanks to my FitBit, I can see how often I am restless throughout the evening and I know that it’s due in large part to my lack of activity and my eyes peeled all day at the screen. My melatonin production and circadian rhythm must have been way out of wack.