#MyKetoPregnancy // How It Began...

It’s the day. The day I’ve been yearning for since the moment I found out. I even bought stickers from Michael’s so that I could lavishly decorate each moment, each milestone, each appointment which a little extra pizazz and flair. 12 weeks pregnant – officially sanctioned to ‘share the news’ per the age-old standards to be out of the danger zone for miscarriage and into the second trimester I go. But before we launch ourselves three months into the journey, I’d like to take a step back to the very onset of how Baby Baroud came to be.

As a writer by nature, I could very well take you down memory lane stemming from the moment Fady and I locked eyes on one another, how it began with softball in-field showtunes leading to uncanny beer pong faceoffs, and eventually falling madly in love, moving in, creating our little family of State-named pups, Cali & Tex, and residing in the country suburb of Dunrobin. That summary barely scratches the surface of the incredible journey we’ve had over the last three years and how our commitment to one another AND one another’s happiness has allowed both of us to flourish and unlock new things about ourselves that lay dormant in previous relationships.

What you should know is that Fady, or was we not so jokingly have coined him ‘The Fatman’, is loyal, compassionate, fiercely independent, the hardest working person I know and yes, he has dimples that would make the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes. Anyone that knows him is drawn to his personality because of his authenticity, capacity to listen and act with emotional intelligence, and his fun loving spirit. When we started our relationship, I was coming off of my divorce and he was out of another longterm relationship. We didn’t hold any expectations, or judgements, or preconceived notions as to one another – we just let our hearts guide us.

We’ve travelled a fair bit in a short amount of time. And if you can travel with someone for a handful of weeks – just the two of you – and not kill one another by the end of it, well that’s a good sign. Costa Rica was a shifting point in my life as I found my real-life happy spot in a remote waterfall that took us two hours to hike to. I experienced mindlessness whereby I literally had no thoughts. It was unlike anything I could recreate and I cherish those moments that we were able to embrace together.

Beyond travel, we both found passion in food (because let’s be real, food is real) and after introducing him to keto in the first month of us dating, he saw tremendous health improvements that encouraged him to adopt the lifestyle full-time. Fady has had four major surgeries in his teenage years attributed to ulcerative colitis and leading to removal of colon and large intestine. As you can imagine, inflammation was a persistent issue as well as bowel movements (if this makes you uncomfortable, brace yourself as this is going to be a full blog about pregnancy!). Since his conversion, he has seen drastic improvements from a gastro inflammatory response, to frequency of bathroom visits and man – did he ever cut up. I mean, he went from 29% to 16% body fat in two months and lost 30lbs – without even trying (I might hate him a bit for it).

We also explored business ideas together. Once we learned more about pure therapeutic ketones and I had my first pack, it was actually Fady in my ear telling me that we really need to share this more and join the company. Were it not for him pushing me to stretch my abilities, Keto Goddess may not have come to be. 3 years keto, almost 3 years with Pruvit – and now I embark on #MyKetoPregnancy!

Now that I’ve taken you down the windy road of the last few years, it brings us to our fertility journey. Fady has always wanted to be a father, and I have been physically ready and wanting to become a mother for years. We made a mutual decision about a year ago that we would both be open and ready for the prospect of a child together, and thus began more actively tracking and ‘trying’ so to speak.

A few months back, I requested to revisit the fertility clinic here in Ottawa based on my previous medical history with cancer treatments and with an ovarian procedure. I had been several years before but as Fady had never had his boys tested, we figured that having the opportunity for us both to be checked to ensure that there was nothing standing in our way was a great option. If anyone has ever gone through the bloodtests, abdominal and saline ultrasounds and holding your bladder for inordinate amounts of time – I’m sure you know it’s not the most comfortable, BUT it is worth knowing in the end.

Here’s the fun part. After actively “trying” for a few months, I relaxed in the month of November with the notion that “well, we are doing the testing so what would be the odds of getting pregnant?” Ha – famous last words! It’s been said that the moment you stop physically worrying and trying to conceive, it happens. Alas, that’s what transpired!

On the eve of November 30th, I found myself a few days late. Knowing that the next night, Fady’s birthday, was going to be filled with drinks, dancing, partying out late with friends – I felt it prudent to take the one lingering pregnancy test I had under the sink. It was late in the evening and you are typically supposed to take a test first thing in the morning when your pregnancy hormones are most present. I peed on the strip, let it sit idle and wait for what I was convinced would be a negative.

I nearly threw it out. One solid red line – yup, negative. But wait- what’s this? Very faintly, almost imperceptible to the naked eye – a pale, pink line emerged. Mouth gaping, I sent a text with the photo to the only person I would want to tell right away, my cousin, Sylvie.

We both went through the literature that perhaps it was an evaporation line, or a false positive. “I have to be sure!” So, off I went to the store in-town, about 20 minutes from home, at 9:30pm, leaving Fady with a weak excuse for going back because I forgot something for his birthday. When I returned, I wanted to rip open the box and immediately test again but I knew that the best course of action was to wait until the next morning! I went to bed, on pins and needles, barely sleeping a wink.

At 6:30am, I shot out of bed like a slingshot and made my way to the bathroom. I managed to get a YES or NO test versus the lines because let’s be honest, those lines can be misleading! I sat, I peed, I looked. YES!!!!

Right away, another text was sent to Sylvie. She was the first to know other than myself and I just couldn’t wait to tell Fady. His birthday, of all days, to find out he would be a father.

I had bought a card in the off chance it was a YES and it had a little chicken on it (inside joke). With a quirky message about being a Papa Rooster and the positive tests, that’s all I needed to make a beautiful moment into a life changing event.

Now, 12 weeks into the pregnancy, and I can finally tell the world. Some family and close friends knew, but this kind of news is that which I would like to scream from the rooftops!

We are still not out of the water completely, of course. Like any pregnancy, we must be vigilant and take care of my body however I’m staying positive, knowing that I am healthy, fit and more than thrilled to bring a little boy or girl into this world with abounding love.

This intro post is just the beginning of what will be a series of blogs focused on several key areas that I’d love to keep track of. As a ketogenic lifestyle coach and personal trainer, questions about the foods I’m consuming, my macros, cravings, aversions, intermittent fasting and my workout regiment have already come up. I’m going to address MY experience and share what I am doing from week 12 onward, as well as a little recap blog about the first trimester – which was a DOOZY!

Moreover than that – I’ll be touching on the emotional rollercoaster, my hormonal balance, my life with Fady, juggling businesses and pregnancy, how to keep a healthy mindset as you gain weight, and more in both the blog AND my YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed already, the YouTube channel will be a more personal weekly update on my food journal, workouts and one-on-one experience that I know you will love to follow! It’s fun, quick, and informative – plus you can watch me grow.

I’m looking forward to what this new chapter will hold. At 31 years old, I can only imagine that this may be the more transformative year of my life and I’m ready for it! And, ready or NOT – here Baby Baroud comes!



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