Meant To Be // #MyKetoPregnancy Poetry

Since I hit the second trimester, my creative spark has ignited.

I'm a published author, but it's been eons since I have done any form of creative writing. That's all about to change.

Since this little muse hit week 17, I've felt more inspired to put pen to paper.

I've written poems, and this song which I'm going to share with you...

Meant To Be

You took me by surprise, and a glimmer filled my eyes;

In a moment all our wishes became real.

I've been waiting for you see, in my shock there was only glee;

Hand to heart, to the ground I bent to kneel.

And on the floor, a rush of thought filled my head;

Of the memories and the words yet unsaid.

But I knew from now until the day we met,

You were meant to be, you were meant for me.

Oh little one, don't fear the world outside;

When you arrive, we'll teach you love & grace & pride

But until that day, you stay warm and safe inside;

Our meant to be, our world's will soon collide.

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