Keto Options at Natural Food Pantry {Barrhaven}

This is it. You've made the decision to move forward with your low-carb lifestyle and with it, you take the plunge to clean out your kitchen and re-stock with sugar-free, clean eating options.

Where do you start?

What do you get?

How many stores do you need to go to in order to get the essentials?

AND the level up products?

As an advocate for the last 3+ years, I've made a point of scoping out stores and linking arms with natural food providers. My favourite, by far, is the local chain - Natural Food Pantry. With multiple locations across the city, they have anchored themselves to be one of the leading total wellness AND niche lifestyle stores.

Keto Display of Top products in-store!

Not to mention, I host regular keto talks at their Barrhaven location. So I got to thinking - if I were new to keto, what are some items that I would like to know about and where to find them in-store?

And with that, I have put together a few quick snapshots of my keto go-tos, including a few supplements, from the Natural Food Pantry in Barrhaven. Remember, there are a plethora of options beyond these, so go on in and explore!

Let's begin the list with your essential fats for cooking and your morning brew plus top quality coffee.

MCT (medium chain triglycerides) // Your optimal fat source!

Brands galore, but remember quality sourcing of your MCTs is important. Check the label to ensure the carbon strains stem from COCONUT, not palm kernels.

  • Bulletproof - Brain Octane (3 strains of MCT), XCT oil

  • Nutiva - MCT powder

  • St Francis - Canadian Company, Liquid Coconut Oil, MCT OR (my fav) Ghee + MCT combined

COFFEE // Caffeine boost to amplify ketone delivery!

Coffee is not the enemy, contrary to some perpetuated myths. And with keto, it can serve as an ideal means to augment ketone delivery through the body & brain. Coffee is also considered a superfood - lowers blood pressure, reduced risk of heart & neurological diseases, increases adenosine & triggers dopamine responses.

  • Bulletproof - Upgraded Coffee Beans

  • Kicking Horse (my favourite tasting blend!)

  • OneCoffee Biodegradable Organic Fairtrade Coffee

SPARKLING WATER // Your keto water alternatives!

Water - a critical component to your success to keep your body replenished and electrolytes balanced, but sometimes we get bored of the same ol' plain H2O. Do you opt for a little artificial squirt or flavour OR take the natural sparkling route?

  • La Croix - the American brand came to Canada and my world changed forever! With almost 20 flavours, and a moderate fizz, its a great means to get in your water intake or mix it up with a splash of clear liquor on a hot summer day (hey, we are human!)

  • Zevia - If you enjoy your POP, then this is for you. A bolder flavour akin to your favourite soda and fruity flavours but sweetened with Stevia to keep it keto

Local brand of keto baking mix - Love My Buns

BAKING FLOURS // When you need your bread, pancake, muffin fix!

  • LOVE MY BUNS - this is the ultimate go-to in my books, seeing that magical blend is ideal for everything from pizza crusts to pastries AND it's locally made (the wife of Chef Enloe from NFP Cafe)

-- Not pictured --

  • Coconut Flour & Almond Flour - staples in the keto baking world, lots of brands and even alternative sources of NUT flours if almond isn't your jam.


Speaking of the Love My Buns mix, Natural Food Pantry has taken out the legwork for you by baking a massive loaf of foccacia bread as well as pliable (important) keto wraps to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

Find them in the refrigerated section of the store.

NATURAL SWEETENERS // Sugar ain't got nothing on this!