Top Keto Camping & On-The-Go Options!

It's summer - and with the sunshine comes quality time spent outdoors. Whether you are doing a day trip, a hiking in the wilderness, camping, or roadtrip, that does not mean you have to get off course with your lifestyle.

This past weekend, my partner and I spent 3 days with a few friends at Sandbanks Provincial Park on a non-electrical camping site. How did we manage for food? Here are some of my go-tos!

KETO CAMPING - Staying on track while outdoors!

Top Keto Grilling Options:  

Kabobs // (1) marinate and skewer either beef or chicken kabobs (just the meat) and then FREEZE them (hack). This will allow you to have in your cooler serving a duel purpose of freshness AND also an additional source of ice pack for your other items. (2) prepare your veggies by marinating in dressing of choice (we used a clean Italian dressing) and place in plastic baggies. when you are ready to grill, simply take out the veggies to make your skewers and voila! (3) cook the meat and the veggies on separate skewers as their cooking times will vary (optional), then simply take them off the skewers into your plate, add sauce like tzatziki or homemade garlic!  

Burgers // you cannot go wrong with burgers! You can pre-purchase, yes, or you can use medium ground beef, diced veggies and seasoning of choice and a hack is to place a small piece of butter in the center so they will be uber juicy as they grill up. Give it a go! 

Go-To Breakfast: 

Bacon, Eggs, Avocado // Okay, I'm not going to pretend I'm super fancy! We brought a small butane grill and we make eggs in butter, with slices of bacon and 1/4-1/2 avocado. You likely want to open a fresh avocado or it will brown, so divide amongst your campers. 

Don't have a grill? NO PROBLEM! Hard boil the eggs in advance and add some sea salt, pre-cook your bacon and have ready slices, and the avocado remains the same. 

Bulletproof Coffee or Keto//Kreme // If you are prone to fasting, this is your best option. Less hassle, focus on health brain fuel in the AM and just have your snacks, lunch and dinner later on! KETO//KREME is a godsend for me, I'll have it with hot or cold coffee and it emulsifies beautifully without the hassle or having to blend or bring multiple items. Plus, the collagen is a nice additive! 

Top Keto Lunch Options:

Chicken Shawarma Salad // this was a huge hit and simple! You can go ham on it, but we kept it basic. Keep your romaine lettuce diced in baggies in your cooler, premake your chicken breasts and season, homemade whipped garlic sauce - then just combine in a huge bowl and dish out for a keto friendly and yummy lunch option after a dip at the lake! 

Sandwiches // but, I can't have bread? There are a plethora of keto bread options or non-bread binding options such as: Power Slice bread (Costco), keto buns/wraps at Natural Food Pantry or online, make it yourself keto breads, or lettuce wraps. We brought condiments including: mayo, mustard, sauerkraut, cheese slices, and various deli meats. Make it to go on a hike or at the campsite and it's convenient and nutritious! 

Top Keto Snack Options: 

Mixed Nuts // you don't have to keep them cold, you can bring anywhere, and I like to have a variety such as macadamia, walnut, brazil nut, almonds, cashews (in moderation) so I'm never bored plus have a wide array of healthy minerals

Cheese Curds // You aren't Canadian if you don't have cheese curds, and if you are American - well, get your hands on some! Keep your bag chilled/cooler but take with you in baggies when out or just as a side snack between meals. That squeaky cheese is delicious anytime. 

Pork Rinds // another quick, "chip like" option whereby you don't need to make anything, don't have to worry about keeping it cold, and it's mostly fat! If you are around the bonfire, you can feel confident grabbing some rinds vs chips! 

Lily's Chocolate OR Good Fats Bar // warning: it will melt if not kept in cooler and take out shortly before consuming. This is if you are watching everyone eat their s'mores and you just need a quick little chocolate fix. Snap off a few bites of Lily's Choco Stevia Sweetened Bar or grab a Good Fats bar to keep your hunger/cravings at bay while fueling the body. 

Hydration & Anytime? 

KETO//OS NAT // I'm not lying when I say I go everywhere with my ketones. Why? When I'm out all day long, doing activities, going without scheduled meals, in the sunshine, I need to be sharp, optimized and support my body. I've been loving the KETO//OS NAT decaf Lime Time with water or sparkling water (tastes like a mojito) or the Splash (citrus/watermelon) which are both thirst quenching and allow me to keep on going even when the summertime naps want to take over! 

MITO//PLEX // water alone isn't enough when you are outside all day, so keeping electrolytes balanced is important! But I don't want to take 16 pills or a bunch of sources to get myself optimal while out. Mito//Plex is a small, tasteless packet of pocket that I add to my ketones or water and it is specifically derived for keeping electrolytes balanced while in ketosis. Plus, there is added creatine monohydrate and Vitamin D3 which boosts energy, performance and is naturally occuring. It's a great, inexpensive, convenient additive I infuse in my camping trip (or anytime, really). 

There are a TON of other options, but hopefully this has been beneficial.

I'd love to know some of yours?

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