Healthy Fats on Keto

You start the transition to keto and the first thing that pops in your head is – wait, I have to INCREASE my FAT?

We have been (wrongfully) engrained over decades that the macronutrient, fat, is the enemy. Our foe, Ancel Keyes, presented unfounded information and purposed “scientific studies” that saturated fat was leading to many ailments. The remedy? CUT IT, CUT IT ALL. Oh, and while you are at it, boost your carbs and sugar intake.

The fabric of our belief is not easily dissuaded. It takes time, it takes other emerging science that is resolute, and it takes evidence to support that the myth one man perpetuate is just that – a myth.

Healthy fats, when used in a low-carb lifestyle, provide the body clean, sustainable energy when they are broken down in the liver and converted to ketones. Ketones cross the blood brain barrier, signaling to the rest of the body on its function, repairing pathways, reducing inflammation, maintaining lean muscle mass while reducing bodyfat and no – not wreaking havoc.

The concept of ketosis seems to be easy enough. Reduce carbohydrates by eliminating altogether your starches, grains, refined sugars, wheat, anything processed. Then, limiting your other approved carbohydrate sources such as cruciferous vegetables, nuts, and other incidental carbs down to about 20g-30g NET per day (removing fiber from your total count).

Carb reduction is only one piece of the puzzle, with the most integral next step being to boost healthy fat intake. But, there is only so much oil, butter and cheese one can implement PLUS it’s not the healthiest approach!

I’ve put together a list of FAT sources that are great not only for a quick snack or add on to your meals, but listing their macronutrient ratios and some not so common choices that can give you more selection and even more flavor to your day!

Rule of thumb, always choose the fattier cuts of meat. Yes, that means the marbled steaks and the bone-in, skin-on chicken. This is the time to enjoy the tender flavours that meats provide. Don’t skimp on your fatty fish – chalk full of essential amino acids and Omegas.

At the end of the day, the pairing of proteins and vegetables with fat will provide you flavor, satiety and move you closer to your goals of ketosis!

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