As a Goddess Gains client, you will receive access to the exclusive training app that will allow you to do the following:

  • Login to your account online at www.goddessgains.com (click CLIENT LOGIN) to view workouts that have been created and scheduled for you

  • Download the iPhone or Android app, and access workouts, track stats, take progress photos, your customized meal plan, a library of exercises with videos and launch the resting timer, all from your phone

  • Receive email reminders for scheduled workouts

  • Message your trainer directly at any time through the app or the site




Don’t worry – it’s easy! We will take all the legwork out for you and give you step-by-step instructions for all the pertinent info you need.





  1. Receive Welcome E-mail - Contains a link to setup your account.

  2. Initial Account Set Up - You will be prompted to set their password and fill in your profile.

  3. Fill Out Consultation Form – This is important to fill out to identify your goals, your preferences, your availability, and other related questions to create a customized and thorough program. 

  4. Intro Video and Download Mobile Apps – Voila- you are ready to use it! Now sit back and wait for your trainer to work out your program to suit your individual needs.




To start a workout from the iPhone app:

  1. Login to the app

  2. Tap on "+ ADD" on the top right

  3. Tap "Start Workout"

  4. Tap the workout you wish to start

  5. You will be shown the workout instructions and exercises

  6. Tap "Start" on the top right

 Perform the workout, and enter in the stats as you workout. Your stats will automatically sync to the online site. 




To enter in body stats, Tap "+ADD" from the home screen. Then tap "Add Body Stat", and enter in all the stats in here. 


Substitute one exercise for another in your workout

We have all had the experience of being at the gym and of not being able to move to our next exercise because someone else is using the machine we need. You may want to just move on to the next exercise in your workout or sometimes you will want to add in a substitute exercise to your workout.


You can add in a new exercise to an existing workout by:

  1. Under each exercise, you will see a "More" button. Tap "More"

  2. Tap "Insert Exercise After"

  3. Search for the exercise, by typing it in

  4. If you find the exercise, tap the "+" sign to the right. You can add as many as you need to. If you want to watch the video, tap on the name of the exercise

  5. Once you're done, tap the "insert" button on the top right

  6. You'll be asked for the number of sets to enter. Enter it in

  7. Tap "Confirm"




Ending a Workout

Once you have completed a workout and entered all your workout stats you have the option to "end workout". Scroll to the bottom and tap "end workout". 

TIP: You do not need to hit "end workout" to save the workout stats. Stats save automatically


How to Enter Workout Notes

While you're in a workout, you can enter in notes. Tap the pencil icon on the top right of the screen, and enter in your note, and tap "Save". Those notes can then be referenced later from the workout calendar, online. 


Using the Rest and Interval Timer


Launching the timer

To launch the timer, tap "Launch Timer" at the bottom. The timer will automatically start counting down. If you wish to cut the timer short, then tap "dismiss timer" at the bottom. Once the timer finishes, you will hear a beep. 


Setting the timer

To set the countdown of the timer, simply swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen. You can then set the interval, and every time you launch the timer, it'll default to that countdown.